How Campfire, Fire Pit and Bedtime Stories Help Your Business Grow

If you love camping, there is nothing like a campfire, or maybe you are more like me and enjoy a fire pit in your backyard and your own bed and indoor plumbing!  Either way, stories shared around a campfire, a fire pit or even at bedtime (for those with small children) are an amazing way to grab attention from a child, friends and neighbors or maybe even your spouse as you share a compelling story that captures their attention and even their imaginations.

Stories help people understand, experience and even imagine themselves in similar circumstances.  Stories bring confidence, self-esteem and excitement especially if they are about them (like the stories I tell my children about their crazy antics when they were younger).

If I want to keep my teenagers engaged at dinner, nothing beats telling them about the time my older daughter tried to poison her younger brother, or the time my son had fallen down, hit his head and came home one-hour later with dried blood all over his face (of course he had no clue)Another hot topic is my husband telling them stories about his teenage years, which thankfully they have not imitated!

As a practicing orthodontist, I have seen the power of story when I share how a patient came to our office never smiling and hunching over and by the time they had their braces removed, he/she couldn't smiling and strutted into his/her retainer appointment like he/she owned the place.  Simply awesome!

As a practitioner of the “millimeter-approach” plan on one small story a day that you can share with a client, customer, patient, child or spouse that you know would be a game-changer for them.  Think about 360 days a year, one small, short story that you can share and get ready for the Big Impact it will make in your business and your life.