The Extra 1 Percent or 1 Millimeter

There is a book titled The Extra 1 Percent by Robert Yeung, and in some ways it subscribes to the concept of the "millimeter approach" in my book It's All About Millimeters. The Extra 1 Percent teaches readers that if you'll just gone one percent more in everything you do, you'll be more successful. The writer probably describes at one percent because it's so small it makes it seem easy to do. Does that sound familiar -- one small "millimeter" change?

If you can break anything down into a small approach, it seems much easier doesn't it? One extra step at the end of the day. For example, do one tiny more effort to make your life go right. One more sales call than yesterday. One more social media posting than before. One more "please" or "thank you" to your staff. One more minute to yourself in the morning. You see. It's not difficult to think about doing something when it's just ONE more.

You would be surprised and pleased to realize that ONE more, ONE small change can make a world of difference. Maybe that ONE last sales call produces ONE extra sale that month. Maybe that one extra social media post produces ONE more sales lead. Maybe one extra please or thank you makes your staff happier. Maybe that last minute to yourself relieves just enough stress ... to make all the "one mores" do-able.