Customer Service is the Lynchpin to Successful Business

Customer service can make or break a brand. People are willing to pay extra for the attention their dollars deserve. Tolerance in America for companies that treat people with disrespect or even disdain is down. People don't have an overflow of cash to invest in anything so when they spend they want to spend right. They want their business to be treated with its due respect. Nobody wants a sales person to sneer at them or act like their business is an inconvenience or annoyance. No one wants to be argued with about their desires. They do want a courteous smile. They do want to be treated with respect. And they do want to be "helped" and not necessarily agreed with or agreed with.

Since my book is written to help guide others toward change, here is one thing you or your employees can do to improve customer service easily and simply: greet customers will a friendly smile and "How can I help you?" or if you don't have a consumer-based business but rather a service business, pick up your phone with a simple and cheerful, "Good ... morning ... afternoon ... evening" and then add your name "This is ..." How hard is it? Not at all but you will be remembered for it.