A Millimeter Idea for a Big Pay Day

One of our favorite “millimeter” marketing strategies is a handwritten thank-you note to our patients who refer other patients to our office. My scheduling coordinator at the end of the week, handwrites a simple card and places a gift card for Starbucks coffee.  It is a small token of appreciation and recognition of their confidence and support in our practice.

How many times do we have clients, customers or patients that are referring business to us and we fail to thank them.  Believe, me these customers, clients and patients are not walking around thinking about you and your business each and every day.  However, they do remember a nice gesture of recognition and thanks and when the question comes up at a cocktail party or little league game, “who does Mary see for her braces?”  Our goal is to make sure they answer, “Cater Galante Orthodontics, we just love them!”

Make handwritten thank you notes a “millimeter” marketing strategy and watch how your business blossoms.