Back To Running, A Millimeter At A Time

In my book, It's All About Millimeters: How Small Changes Can Make A Big Impact in Your Business and Your Life, I share the story of how I trained for my first and only marathon, using my “millimeter” approach.  It took six months of disciplined and focused running, but I was successful in my first marathon and finished without having to be carted away in a rescue van or worse an ambulance.

After that marathon in 2007, I decided to keep running, but quickly grew bored of those long runs and took up other forms of exercise. However, after I recently moved into a new house and new neighborhood with some great running trails, I decided it was time to lace up those shoes and hit the pavement again.

Using my “millimeter” approach, I am slowly but surely adding those miles each and every week -- and best of all I am gaining my confidence back in my ability to run distances greater than 50 feet!

Whether you have a goal to run a 10K, marathon or just a walk around the block without stopping, use the “millimeter” approach to achieve your fitness goals once and for all.