A millimeter approach does not mean miniscule service

Even though I write about a “millimeter approach” to your business and your personal life, I do not mean that you provide small or non-memorable service to your clients, patients and customers. Quite the contrary.

A “millimeter approach” means that you are doing the small things that make your customers, clients and patients feel connected appreciated and engaged with your business.  This approach also works well with your friends and family.  It is truly the small things that you do and say that will make them feel special and celebrated.

Maya Angelou states, "I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

One simple thing we do in our orthodontic practice is to write a thank you card and send a Starbucks gift card when a patient refers another patient to our practice. How many times have you referred a patient, client or customer to a place of business and received a handwritten thank you with a gift card?  Be the person to do this in your industry.

For family members, a handwritten card, a phone call or even an invitation to lunch or breakfast, could be the one thing that makes their days, months or even year.  Who can you call today and invite them to a meal with you?

See, I have given you two simple things you can do today, right now that will make a big impact on someone else’s life.  Make your customers, clients, patients, family and friends feel special, and they will never forget you or your business.