Unexpected Doesn't Have to be a BIG Deal

Ever have something unexpected happen? Your business is running smoothly. All is well with your staff. Out of left field something just CHANGES! Are you seeing the word "change"? Did you even realize that small changes or even big changes can just happen. Think about it. One day your profits are struggling. You're wondering how you're going to pay your bills, and then all of a sudden a new sale or client just miraculously shows up. Literally within minutes everything CHANGED. You have enough to pay your bills. Problem solved.

When you look at like at one big "millimeter" change a day, it doesn't seem so overwhelming, does it? Millimeter changes happen all of the time, and we sometimes don't even notice them. If you wake up each day and are open to see where life takes you, you'll notice you are constantly on roads toward changes.

I'll give you another example. A woman miraculously decided in what SEEMED like one day to change her life. She just decided to quit her job. Now that might seem like a MAJOR shift that happened in one day, but not really. Each day she faced her job, she was unhappy. Her boss demeaned her on a Friday. She got promised a raise that never came. Her co-worker got her expected raise. Her boss ridiculed a project she felt pride in. She went home every day and was depressed. Then her boss wrote her one (last-straw email) and demeaned her again. She turned to her computer and she quit. Was it really that sudden? No, small but incremental issues built up daily until it amounted to a BIG CHANGE. Quitting a job or even getting a divorce never happens overnight. It's often cumulative.

If you can see change as cumulative (built on good things) then you'll realize that living the "millimeter" approach to life is easy. You already live it. It's just how you look at it.