Stop and Breathe

"Life belongs to the living, and he who lives much be prepared for changes." ~ Johann Wolfgan von Gathe

Von Goethe articulates so well that life is always changing. Each day is opportunity for change -- either positive, negative or indifferent, but the very nature of life is one of unfolding and changing. I liken it to business that if you're not growing you're shrinking. Nothing stays perfectly still. So how are you going to handle that change? Are you going to fear it? Are you going to embrace it? Are you going to put your hands in the air and go with it? Are you going to see it as overwhelming? You have a choice.

If you follow my "millimeter" ideas, you can fully embrace it one small moment at a time. Sometimes as anything unfolds, and if you begin to feel like it's too much, one simple and "millimeter" thing to do is just stop. Take a deep breath. Let the oxygen get into your system. This one exercise alone while small is mind-altering. Notice how one, solid deep breath can loosen your body, make you feel better, and less stressed. Let the air out, and then take the next step whatever it is. Just let it go and flow.

Everyone breathes. Everyone can stop and take a deep breath. Next time any kind of sudden or unexpected change or event happens, remember this "millimeter" advice: stop and breathe.