Thinking "Millimeter" Takes Small and Big Thinking

Do you ever get overwhelmed when you go to start a project to the point where you just shelve the whole idea? Did you know that even getting a project started can be the hardest thing. Many people procrastinate and let every other priority get in line ahead of overwhelming ideas or projects that seem to enormous to implement. Smaller things seem easier to start so we often put the perception of small right in front of what we perceive as too big to tackle. What you need to do is apply my "millimeter" wisdom to that "looming" and never-completed project. The biggest step toward success is often the smallest one -- just doing something! In the case of a big project just doing something may mean just setting aside 15 minute a day to do something toward starting and ultimately finishing that project. Put one "millimeter" moment in your schedule devoted toward that one big thing -- that's it. If you'll do that one thing, you'll soon find that never-completed project finished.

Big Dreams Only Take "Millimeter" Steps

Do you have a big dream? Are you constantly thinking, "Wow! That would take A LOT of efforts to make it happen?" Do you realize it's this exact mindset that keeps you from achieving your dream? With my "millimeter" approach, no dream is too big or lofty to achieve, not when you do a little something about it each day. Just 15 minutes daily to try to make your dream a reality is really what it takes. Some days you might carve out more time, but with consistent "millimeter" steps you can make your dream a reality. Whether it's making a phone call(s), researching a question, sending out information, or taking a moment to do something to adds toward it. Every action you take will get a reaction of some kind. The best technique is to do your one thing at a set time of day -- whether it's with your morning coffee or right before you go to bed. Thinking and doing small things always add up to big results.

The "Millimeter" Price of Change

"The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change." ~ Bill Clinton
Do you keep doing the same thing over and over again? Does your life feel stagnant or stuck? Are you the passive-aggressive type who waits for things to just happen? The New Year is the best time to set new goals and make change. Resolutions aren't typically kept. Goals are only sometimes met. But change is inevitable. But are you going to make it progressive and positive? Or are you just going to let life continue to happen to you and not for you? Using my "millimeter" approach makes it easy to make progressive, small changes toward positive change. Each day aggressively take one "small" action toward your desired life. It can be anything at all. Want a new relationship, just look at an online dating site (just a place to start). Maybe look at one day and the next day, look again. Maybe by the fourth of fifth day, subscribe. Want a new job. Same thing. Look at a Career site and so on. It doesn't take but more than 15 minutes a day to change something. The promise of moving forward is far better than the outcome of doing nothing and expecting something different.

The Little Things

I'm sure you've heard the expression "it's the little things in life..." My "millimeter" approach to everything is all about little things. Small steps to do something. Today though we're going to talk about "little" ways to look at your life to give you a fresh outlook. Sometimes we think too big about what would make us happy. Happiness comes from within. If you've been feeling discouraged about your life then start by shifting your outlook with the little things and simple appreciation. Abundance isn't about overflow or piles of coins. It's realizing the "little" things that enrich your life. Start with "millimeter" ways to appreciate your life. Next time someone smiles notice how it makes you feel a "little" better. Next time you walk outside, notice if the sun is shining. Stop and stand in the sun and let your face take in the light. See a pretty flower, stop and smell it (for real). Notice how something shifts in your body. Look around and "get real" about your life. Notice the beauty of your home. See something as simple as the beautiful sofa pillow you picked out or some piece of art that provides a memory. Think about it, and enjoy the thought. Life doesn't have to be lived large to find pleasure and joy! It's the "millimeter things" that can bring you joy!

Millimeter Change is Good for the Stuck!

You ever felt stuck? No matter what you do your self-control never seems to kick in. My "millimeter" approach to change is invaluable to getting out of feeling stuck somewhere. Let's say you're in a bad relationship. You want out. You feel stuck -- for financial, emotional -- it doesn't matter what is the reason. You feel you cannot leave. It's too scary. It's too big to take it on. What will you do? Where will you go? Start first with this question: what is the no. #1 thing holding you back? If it's related to financial then you need to do what you might do if you were wanting to leave a job for the same reason. Start a "millimeter" savings plan. You don't have to save a "fortune" to make a change. You start very small. You look at your budget. Then you create a "millimeter" savings plan. What can you spare PER DAY not a LARGE amount of time. Make everything small. Shrink it down. Is it .50 cents? Then set aside .50 cents a day even if it means putting two quarters in a big jar. Make a goal to pay firs and last month's rent or even a down payment. If it's for career, six months of salary is safe. Do it each and every day. Keep your eye on the "millimeter" amount NOT the large amount. You will be surprised how fast your goal is accomplished one "millimeter" contribution per day.

The "Millimeter" One-Minute Rule

Some people are very reactionary. They knee-jerk responses to just about anything that is said or done. These people are typically "drama" people. Without careful thought or consideration, their sudden reactions guide their lives and the responses of those people around them. You may not recognize you are a drama person. Let me ask you this, do you constantly have something major going on? You're always stressed out and reacting to just about anything that happens. You make mountains out of mole hills. No one is going to judge you here. If this sounds familiar then I have some wonderful advice that will only take one, small extra minute to start to change your life and reduce your stress and "drama". 
When something happens, give yourself the one-minute timeout. Take one minute and don't just react. Instead take a deep breath. Think about what you want to do or say. It's not magic and it's no hard. It only requires a conscious choice to think vs. react. Reactions are often reflexive. Reflex responses are not always the best choices. BUT take a deep breath. Guess what that does, too. It re-oxygenates your brain. It gives you a moment to reflect. A reflective choice is ALWAYS better than a knee-jerk response. Give it a try. It's simple. You'll notice almost immediate results. When you're not giving the other person stimulus watch how that immediately improves their response, too. It's just a small "millimeter" tip to reduce stress and drama.

Start by Making some New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions are really goals. We just call them resolutions. When you make a New Year's Resolution you are actually "resolving" to do something. Have you made yours yet? It's time to think about how to improve your life somehow. We can all improve something, right? Whether it's personal or professional, time for change. Just remember "millimeter" changes are easy. So think of it this way: resolutions are easy if you do them the "millimeter" way. What's yours going to be? Just go forward and know you can do anything! Believe in yourself! Know you can do it. "Resolve" to do it.