Millimeter Change is Good for the Stuck!

You ever felt stuck? No matter what you do your self-control never seems to kick in. My "millimeter" approach to change is invaluable to getting out of feeling stuck somewhere. Let's say you're in a bad relationship. You want out. You feel stuck -- for financial, emotional -- it doesn't matter what is the reason. You feel you cannot leave. It's too scary. It's too big to take it on. What will you do? Where will you go? Start first with this question: what is the no. #1 thing holding you back? If it's related to financial then you need to do what you might do if you were wanting to leave a job for the same reason. Start a "millimeter" savings plan. You don't have to save a "fortune" to make a change. You start very small. You look at your budget. Then you create a "millimeter" savings plan. What can you spare PER DAY not a LARGE amount of time. Make everything small. Shrink it down. Is it .50 cents? Then set aside .50 cents a day even if it means putting two quarters in a big jar. Make a goal to pay firs and last month's rent or even a down payment. If it's for career, six months of salary is safe. Do it each and every day. Keep your eye on the "millimeter" amount NOT the large amount. You will be surprised how fast your goal is accomplished one "millimeter" contribution per day.