The "Millimeter" One-Minute Rule

Some people are very reactionary. They knee-jerk responses to just about anything that is said or done. These people are typically "drama" people. Without careful thought or consideration, their sudden reactions guide their lives and the responses of those people around them. You may not recognize you are a drama person. Let me ask you this, do you constantly have something major going on? You're always stressed out and reacting to just about anything that happens. You make mountains out of mole hills. No one is going to judge you here. If this sounds familiar then I have some wonderful advice that will only take one, small extra minute to start to change your life and reduce your stress and "drama". 
When something happens, give yourself the one-minute timeout. Take one minute and don't just react. Instead take a deep breath. Think about what you want to do or say. It's not magic and it's no hard. It only requires a conscious choice to think vs. react. Reactions are often reflexive. Reflex responses are not always the best choices. BUT take a deep breath. Guess what that does, too. It re-oxygenates your brain. It gives you a moment to reflect. A reflective choice is ALWAYS better than a knee-jerk response. Give it a try. It's simple. You'll notice almost immediate results. When you're not giving the other person stimulus watch how that immediately improves their response, too. It's just a small "millimeter" tip to reduce stress and drama.