The Little Things

I'm sure you've heard the expression "it's the little things in life..." My "millimeter" approach to everything is all about little things. Small steps to do something. Today though we're going to talk about "little" ways to look at your life to give you a fresh outlook. Sometimes we think too big about what would make us happy. Happiness comes from within. If you've been feeling discouraged about your life then start by shifting your outlook with the little things and simple appreciation. Abundance isn't about overflow or piles of coins. It's realizing the "little" things that enrich your life. Start with "millimeter" ways to appreciate your life. Next time someone smiles notice how it makes you feel a "little" better. Next time you walk outside, notice if the sun is shining. Stop and stand in the sun and let your face take in the light. See a pretty flower, stop and smell it (for real). Notice how something shifts in your body. Look around and "get real" about your life. Notice the beauty of your home. See something as simple as the beautiful sofa pillow you picked out or some piece of art that provides a memory. Think about it, and enjoy the thought. Life doesn't have to be lived large to find pleasure and joy! It's the "millimeter things" that can bring you joy!