Being Thankful for Change

It's Thanksgiving and time to think about gratitude and thanks. As has been the theme of this blog, I am always talking about "millimeter" changes. Smaller and more doable changes make it easier to accomplish anything -- and I mean anything. When change becomes less scary and less challenging, it is easier to accomplish. Using my "millimeter" technique breaks it down and makes it even rewarding. Because change can be very rewarding. It can bring new things and people into your life. Be grateful for what it brings. Don't be afraid. You never know where small and big changes will lead you -- and sometimes it's nowhere close to what you expected, but it can be somewhere even better. This Thanksgiving be grateful for your family, friends and your life.

How to Remove Obstacles to Change: A "Millimeter" at a Time

Most people don't make change because all they see are obstacles or reasons "why not" vs. "why not". Obstacles or reasons not to change can be removed a "millimeter" at a time. For example, let's say you want to change careers or start a business, but the thought seems impossible. I don't have enough money. I don't know anything about starting a business. I don't know how. 
Each reason can be easily removed with my "millimeter" technique. Write down each obstacle. One day at a time, do something to remove that obstacle until it's gone. Let's take the most common reason people don't do things -- lack of money. Write that down on your obstacle list. Then much like one of those commercials where you can sponsor something or make payments, figure out how much money out of your paycheck you can set aside and save specifically to start a business or change careers or even go back to school. Begin the "millimeter process" of saving. If it's easier do something as simple as put a $1 a day. Keep saving and give yourself daily, monthly or even annual goals. Best advice: save at least six months worth of your current salary to get you properly started and give you enough time to make money -- a millimeter at a time.

It's Never too Late to Change

The old adage "you can't teach a dog new tricks" just isn't true -- especially when you use my "millimeter" approach to anything. Small changes are possible for anyone of any age. The only thing you really have to shift is your perspective and attitude not the possibility of it. Small, daily changes don't require a whole new way of doing everything or even thinking about something. Millimeter changes don't challenge your comfort zone -- to much ... just a little bit. The reason some dogs don't like new tricks is because of that aforementioned challenge to one's comfort. But when you do very minor shifts on a daily basis it's a "little less" uncomfortable. Even if that change, for example, is for a technophobe to just start by turning on the Smart Phone. Then the next day, trying just one thing (like texting) on the Smart Phone. Do that for a week or two, and then do something like try to go on the Internet. You see, if it's a small effort it's not so daunting, is it? Even for a technophobe.

Millimeter Changes or More of the Same?

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” -Tony Robbins

That quote if you never heard it before is very illuminating. People often do the same thing over and over again, and they mistakenly believe they'll get something different. It's akin to writing the wrong address on the envelope every time and continuing to get "return to sender" and not understanding why. It's also like math 1 + 1 = 2
Why do we keep doing the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome? Because it's comfortable. We know how to do it. We avoid change. Trying something new though will give you a different outcome -- and the outcome is unknown. Maybe that's why people don't try. They don't know what to expect.
Using the my "millimeter" system of one little change at a time makes doing that one thing different not quite some scary. A small change a day or even a week is like an experiment. It gives you room to slowly watch and see what the different outcomes could be. Does that scare you? Doing something small vs. big or even huge gives you room to see what it could be like if you do it differently. Why not start today with just one small change -- and get that first different outcome.

Persistent is the Power of Success

“Never, never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill

One thing about the "millimeter" philosophy is that it pushes you through continual small changes to persist -- daily. Persistence is how most people succeed. Overnight success doesn't exist. No one is an overnight success no matter what is the perception. I guarantee you those people persisted and stuck with it -- what "it" was to them. Using my "millimeter" approach you can persist with diligence through steady pressure. Each "millimeter" step is really about persisting and staying with your goals whatever those might be. You keep going. You keep doing those "small" changes each day. Even if it's as simple as making a phone call or doing one small task -- it all adds up. And pretty soon you have "persisted" your way toward the big goal. Persistence one "millimeter" at a time will pay off. Just stay the course.

What You DO Have Power Over

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” – Steve Maraboli

We don't have control over other people. We don't have control over events. Sometimes we don't have any control at all. You do have control over yourself. You do have the ability to make powerful changes in your life. Even what we perceive as too much, too big, or too many can be done using my "millimeter" approach to change. People look at the big picture, and they think, "I can't get THERE! I don't even know how." But when you think about it in daily steps and slowly each day move toward it in "millimeter" steps before you know it, you're there. Big picture thinking is visionary. Millimeter thinking is like the jigsaw puzzle to that big vision. Each day put a piece in place. As each piece goes into place the big picture becomes clearer and more precise. Even if it's a 500 piece puzzle, a piece a day always eventually leads to the completed project -- it just might take 500 days. Remember, you have the power. You have the ability. You have control over what YOU do. With that self-empowerment and a great vision, you can get there a millimeter at a time.