Big Dreams Only Take "Millimeter" Steps

Do you have a big dream? Are you constantly thinking, "Wow! That would take A LOT of efforts to make it happen?" Do you realize it's this exact mindset that keeps you from achieving your dream? With my "millimeter" approach, no dream is too big or lofty to achieve, not when you do a little something about it each day. Just 15 minutes daily to try to make your dream a reality is really what it takes. Some days you might carve out more time, but with consistent "millimeter" steps you can make your dream a reality. Whether it's making a phone call(s), researching a question, sending out information, or taking a moment to do something to adds toward it. Every action you take will get a reaction of some kind. The best technique is to do your one thing at a set time of day -- whether it's with your morning coffee or right before you go to bed. Thinking and doing small things always add up to big results.