Thinking "Millimeter" Takes Small and Big Thinking

Do you ever get overwhelmed when you go to start a project to the point where you just shelve the whole idea? Did you know that even getting a project started can be the hardest thing. Many people procrastinate and let every other priority get in line ahead of overwhelming ideas or projects that seem to enormous to implement. Smaller things seem easier to start so we often put the perception of small right in front of what we perceive as too big to tackle. What you need to do is apply my "millimeter" wisdom to that "looming" and never-completed project. The biggest step toward success is often the smallest one -- just doing something! In the case of a big project just doing something may mean just setting aside 15 minute a day to do something toward starting and ultimately finishing that project. Put one "millimeter" moment in your schedule devoted toward that one big thing -- that's it. If you'll do that one thing, you'll soon find that never-completed project finished.