The Truth About Millimeters

People ask me all the time why do I use the term “millimeters?”  Why not “inches?”  After all, in the United States, where I live, the metric system is not the standard measurement system.

My answer is simply this; it is what I have been using for over 30 years to evaluate the success of patients’ orthodontic cases.  A “millimeter” of overbite, cross bite, or rotation in my world is a big deal and often means the difference between exceptional results versus a good result.  Most of my patients (and I believe most people) want the best results possible when it comes to their bites and smiles.  Hence, we measure everything in “millimeters” which are very small, but very significant.

With that analogy in place, you can see why I talk about millimeters as a way of improving our business, our professional practices, our careers and our lives.

Most of us usually try to accomplish 12 things a day, maybe get two done and feel like a failure and often just give up.

When you focus on just small “millimeter” steps at a time, you will be able to achieve your goals and see progress. It is the small steps taken each and everyday that will pave the way to the success you are looking to achieve in your business and your life.

A patient once said to me, “that must be tough Dr. Galante, measuring your results in millimeters all the time?”

I paused and thought about it and answered back, “actually I am quite lucky to have to think about millimeters of tooth movement, because I know that it will make your smile the best it can be and I believe if more people looked at the very small things in their lives that are significant, their would be a lot more happiness and joy in their lives.”

You see it is the small things, “the millimeters” in life that ultimately bring us the most joy and happiness.  Think about this today.  Write down a few of your greatest pleasures, the things that make you smile and feel good. 

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