Staying Organized in Small Steps

Are you always on the fly? Can't keep your schedule straight. You're moving at the speed of light, and when you arrive at your destination or your business meeting only to find you forgot something. Maybe you feel like you're only partially prepared, but inevitably you always have something you missed. Want to know a simple "millimeter" strategy to fix the problem and reduce stress?

Prepare once! Create a checklist of items. Spend a few hours and organize "kits". Make about 10-20 kits based on the checklist. Whatever materials you'll need for the average meeting or presentation, use a kit and have it on standby. The kit should include:
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures or information sheets
  • Sign-up sheets to create mailing lists (when it applies)
  • Background on your business
  • Any material you might need to sell or give away (products, books or coupons)
Take your kits, place them in a briefcase or a professional-looking carriers. Leave it in the trunk of your car. Here is the tidbit of added advantage: you'll make a first-rate impression on your customers or clients when you pull out a well-organized kit and hand him/her that information. You'll look organized and on top of your game. This small change in your organization will make a BIG change in your stress levels and make you look professional, too.