The One-Step at a "Millimeter" Rule

All businesses go through hiccups. Much like life, nothing is perfect. Sometimes as you go through growing pains, you have to adjust and scale your business. One of the great rules is to always get ahead of situations ... at a "millimeter" at a time.

Sometimes a business situation can seem monumental. You have an entire system to learn or re-learn as the case maybe. How do you avoid overwhelm? One step, one task, one system at a time. You incrementally walk your way through a system or process. Stay focused on the task at-hand. Do not look ahead. Just focus on one thing at a time (my millimeter approach). As you master the task, move to the next one. Pretty soon you will have the entire system mastered. It may not take an hour. It may take a day ... a week. But stick with it until you've mastered it one task at a time.

Persistence and consistence -- the two key rules of getting something completely done.