Work-Life Balance in Millimeters

A common complaint, especially among women, is time. I don't have enough time for my personal life. How do you achieve work-life balance? One "millimeter" a time, of course. How you ask? Starting very small. If you find yourself with no personal time at the end of a hectic day or every day, then make a small change. Do just one thing a day just for you. If it's take a bubble bath, do it. If it's ride a bike for 30 minutes, do it. If it's cook a meal because that relaxes you, do it. If it's go get a pedicure, do it. Set aside 30 minutes or more if you can, but just 30 minutes just for you. Even if that means closing your bedroom door for 30 minutes and shutting your eyes. Just do it! It doesn't have to be a BIG step just a small one.