Do You Do This?

I was recently on a very long flight from Dublin to Chicago and had an opportunity to watch a movie starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron.  In the movie Keanu plays, Nelson, a workaholic-advertising executive who meets Sara (Theron) while taking a DMV test to renew his license. Without going into much detail (you need to see this movie), Sara is the exact opposite of the hard-driving Nelson. 

She convinces Nelson to spend a month with her to “help” him. 

Sara is a remarkable example of a "millimeter approach" to life.

She looks at the small joys in life, walking and running on a beach with dogs, home-cooked meals, encouraging a local boy without a dad, knowing all her local neighbors, and enjoying the simplest yet extraordinary things in life.

That is what a “millimeter approach” is all about.

Do you stop and see the small, but extraordinary things around you? 

Do you have time for helping others, getting to know your neighbors, or just taking a walk on a beach around the neighborhood or on a beautiful trail?

Hey, I am guilty of NOT doing this, and the beauty of this movie, brought me back to the reality of life. It is the “millimeters” around us, the small moments, experiences that bring us the most joy. With our plugged-in and tuned-out world, we all need these “millimeter” moments daily in our lives. 

Will you join me?