Learn How Change Can Become Your Friend

Can change really be your friend?

Yes, absolutely, when you take it a “millimeter” at a time.  Most of us who set goals make them with the intention of achieving them. However, somewhere along the way, we either hit roadblocks, realized the goals might have been too large to tackle at this time, or just give-up and rationalize that “I really never wanted (fill in the blank).”

The truth is, you can achieve all your goals and more by using my “millimeter” approach.  In my book, It’s All About Millimeters: How Small Changes can have a Big Impact in Your Business and Your Life, there are case studies of business owners who made small, but significant changes consistently overtime to improve their bottom lines. Misty Young, a brand restaurant owner, realized that the employees, who had been working at the restaurant she just purchased, needed ongoing training.

By providing training via videos that she produced, one at a time, she was able to build a library of videos to help current and new employees learn excellent customer service skills. Misty knew there were many things that needed to get done right away with her restaurant, but she chose to take a “millimeter” approach so that she could achieve her goals and get the change she was seeking for her restaurant and employees, and ultimately the health of her restaurant.

What small change can you implement today to improve your business, career or personal life?  Start with ONE small goal a day (or even ONE a week) and see how change can become your best friend.