Building Blocks to Big Dreams

A lot of people who experience what is commonly called "overnight success" will tell you there was nothing "overnight" about it. Most people who ultimately succeed and "make it" are those who played the game. They didn't give up. The persisted and stayed with it. A really good technique to stick in there is to use my "millimeter approach" and each day do something to move your dream just a little forward. A lot of people will commonly say they have no time for this or that. But if you use "millimeter" time, you just need to do one little thing each day to push your goal. And it doesn't matter what your goal is -- big or small or even lofty.  
So let's take for example, you want to write a book. Where do you start? Using my "millimeter" technique, you start small. Make your first day the title. You create a title. Make your second day the table of contents. Make your third day, a page or maybe even a chapter. Each step of the day, make small goals. Each small goal will eventually add up to the big goal. And the big goal will add up to success.