The Biggest Lesson in Business

What do they call it, expensive lessons you don't want to learn. Many times in business you have to be prepared to shift directions or revamp business models.  On this blog, I teach about small changes for big results. The best lesson and least expensive is to be agile and flexible enough to shift course when things aren't working. It's when you get stuck in a mode or method and become inflexible, costly mistakes don't get resolve any sooner.
Let's apply that to a vendor relationship. Say you're working with a vendor who no matter what happens (hidden fees are largely the culprit), what they say they're going to charge you and the actual bill never adds up -- and it's never in your favor. What do you do? Keep accepting unacceptable business practices because maybe they've been your go-to vendor? Maybe you feel stuck with them for whatever reason? 
Do you just keep paying the bill that perhaps eats your small net profit margin? No, you take small steps to either confront the vendor or change vendors. You start with the small step. Confront the vendor. Question the invoice. Hidden fees are culprits for eating your profits. If the vendor refuses to change or compensate you, do you give them another chance? No. If the vendor accepts responsibility, do you give them another chance? Yes. If they do it again then you change directions and find someone else (ever heard of fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?). Accepting the unacceptable takes businesses down a road toward reduced margins. It's not smart business. And one small phone call should determine your choices to change directions.