You Happen to Change

"Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change." ~ John Rohn

Nothing stays exactly the same. You can put something stagnant in a stagnant place and even at the molecular level it changes. Ironically while change is inevitable some people often fight it. Using my "millimeter" approach, it makes it easier to embrace change. When you think about putting an object down in a place, change goes on all around it even if it's at that molecular level. By embracing change and actually "guiding" (control is an illusion) you will feel empowered by it vs. afraid of it. Conscious choice. Conscious decisions. Conscious change toward improvement and betterment can liberate you. You're not letting change happen to you, you happen to change.
Notice when you're passive, you may also feel victimized. People do things to you. Events happen to you. But when you become the catalyst in your change; the center of your change; the mover of your world, you will feel a sense of strength. You no longer knee-jerk along. You decide. You do. My "millimeter" approach will help you. It doesn't require you to "do" overwhelming and big things. It asks you to put yourself in the driver seat one step at a time. It puts everything into perspective. Think of it. When you drive a car, do you just magically appear in the driver's seat? No, you do things to get in the car, turn over the ignition, hit the gas, etc. Millimeter change works the exact same way. And when you begin to see life in that perspective and how to empower and change your life that is makes it do-able -- and maybe even exciting!