Millimeter Survival Tips

If you're a business owner then you know the joys and perils involved. Your company's survival in the last few years has been based most likely on your ability to adjust. Business ebbs and flows, but the right attitude prevails when business does more ebbing than flowing. If you look around at the businesses still standing through the recession you will find they probably have one thing in common -- they survived through change. 
How do you survive through change? You change with it. Now you don't have to move away from your core business. You just have to "millimeter" it AKA tweak it. Let's give you an example. If you're selling high-end widgets to a market where the upper middle class is dwindling and the demand for high-end widgets diminishing then you just need a different widget. It's not that people don't need your widgets. They are now working on a different budget. So for your survival you have to reposition your widget and move your price point to meet market requirements. You might lose a little of your profit margin, but focus on selling different widgets with different price points. Find a way to sell widgets more direct so you can retain a greater percentage of your profits.
Millimeter thinkers don't think in "mile-high" thoughts. They take what they have and they tweak it to fit the current climate. Again, think about what businesses survived the Great Recession. How did they survive? Did they just change their widget or maybe even redirect their sales to a different part of the market that will still thriving?