Going with the Flow of Change

Being open to change is good. Sometimes if you're open to opportunities and exploring things will just fall into place. In business when you have a problem open yourself up to allowing the solution to come to you. Here is a brief case study. 
The assistant of a business had so many schedule conflicts, he was unable to get the job done. It wasn't that he did a bad job, but it wasn't a great job either. The business owner wasn't sure whether to fire him, but he was really great at certain parts of the job. One day the business owner was talking to another assistant. The conversation shifted, and the new assistant had solutions to every single one of the manager's problems. Right then the manager realized a solution had been presented. Did he let the first assistant go and replace him? The business owner decided to focus on the first assistant's strengths and move him to a new positions. Then the business owner seized the opportunity and grabbed the solution to hire the second manager -- everybody wins. 
The key is "millimeter" management. Being open to change the current situation without being drastic. Firing the first manager without a solution is drastic. Allowing a solution to present itself is "millimeter" management. Be open to take small steps that lead to bigger changes, and the rest will have a way of working out.