"Millimeter" Check Lists for Project Management

Do you make lists? Grocery lists? To-do lists? When working on a larger project, breaking down the steps makes it easier to manage and check off each step. "Millimeter" steps make any project manageable. How do you make a proper millimeter checklist? Work it backwards.
1. Think about the project finished.
2. Consider each step that would go toward finishing it.
3. Start making the checklist.
Working backwards to forwards ensures you consider each little step in-between. Let's use this blog, for example. You see the finished product -- a graphically designed and branded blog to match the book It's All About Millimeters. Now break it down. How did the graphics get done? How is the content provided? Where did the ideas for the content come from? Re-engineer the blog and you see it's all millimeter steps to not only create it but manage it.
1. Graphics mock-ups created
2. Graphics designed to match market brand
3. Content theme developed based on book
4. Content lists and ideas developed
5. Content written ahead of time to lists
6. Graphics approved
7. Site coded
8. Content pre-written and approved
9. Content uploaded on a near-daily basis
See how that works. Taking the big picture and breaking down the steps. In project management and business, checklists provide the framework and guide to the whole. As each step is completed, check it off. And here is an even bigger tip: celebrate! Don't forget to acknowledge and celebrate the "millimeter" wins. Satisfaction comes from recognizing you just did something great.