One Small Tweak in Marketing

Did you know that in marketing a product or service that one minor change in perception can either kill or catapult sales? Product positioning and branding can easily make or break a product's sales record. Sometimes all it takes is a minor change to create big results (millimeter approach). Let me give you an example of a book cover. A book cover believe it or not can make or break sales on the book. Many writers might find this frustrating and ask, "What does the cover have to do with the content?" The answer is very little, but our society is visual. So if sales are lagging one millimeter change can completely change the trajectory of the sales. The larger and more difficult question is how to identify what minor tweak needs to be done to solve the problem? That is where some effort has to be put into research. Focus groups often provide reactions to products that can serve to answer the question. So in the case of the book cover, you might take several sample book covers and survey focus groups' reactions to come up with the final concept cover. In marketing and business, it is often the little things that do count.