Sometimes it Just Takes One Millimeter Change

If you've recently seen a shift in business and not for the better you can actually change everything with just one small change. Yes, sometimes it just takes a small shift in how you're doing something to suddenly realize major results. How did you find out what the small change can be? Experiment with the little AKA millimeter things. In running a business you really only have a handful of areas that can impact sales:
  • Customer service
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Sales tactics
  • Cash flow
Cash flow seems minor and unrelated. Not true. If you've made sales but cannot collect the money it can greatly hurt business. So what small changes can you make to these areas?
  • Customer service: implement one small change in your customer service policy. You could do something as simple as send thank you cards for each visit. You see it's one simple thing.
  • Marketing and public relations: you could add a mailing list sign-up sheet as part of your client intake process and then launch a newsletter.
  • Sales tactics: you could start relationship building through networking with just one organization.
  • Cash flow: you could add collections into your business model if you don't have any.
None of these ideas are genius per se. It's just being prepared to make one change at a time. Again, you can add that change to your weekly or daily goals. If you don't have weekly or daily goals, then THAT is the area to start and build from.