Millimeter Tip: Employee Morale

Since this blog and my book It's All About Millimeters addresses broad changes. Now I'm going to provide a series of examples (tips) on how to make actual, daily changes. Let's start with employee morale. This case study is in my book. Let's say your employee morale is low. People are griping either directly to you or there is "water-cooler" complaints going on. You can sense an overall "attitude" in the energy of the people who work for you. What small step can you take to gain improvements without take them all to Disneyland (joke)? Here is what I do: I feel it's important to give constant, daily affirmations. Positive reinforcement makes people feel good, it improves self-esteem, and it creates goodwill. Remembering to say something positive every day can be a challenge. Place three pennies in your pocket. Every time you praise an employee for a job well done move the penny to the other pocket. Use your praise and the pennies to remind you until all the pennies are in the other pocket. Do this every day. Watch morale boost -- small change, big results.