Questions to Determine if You Need "Millimeter" Changes

If you wake up each day with a lukewarm feeling about your life then maybe it's time for your to do something about it. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Yes, sometimes the grind gets you down, but ask yourself these important questions:
Do you ever feel fully contented? The search for fulfillment and happiness doesn't mean each day has to be a personal day of pure bliss. But if you can say at least four days out seven you feel pretty darned good or even great, you're probably on the right track. If you can say, I maybe feel good or even great once a month ... two times a month ... not at all ... then "millimeter" change is required.
Do you at least "like" or "enjoy" your job? If you can say with solid satisfaction, "Yes, I like my job," then you're in great shape. Did you know when surveyed most Americans admit they don't like their jobs. If it's naturally between a day at the beach and your job, understandable your preference is the beach. But if you wake up each day full of dread and groans because you have to go to work, time for a "millimeter" approach to a new job. No one should get up each day and dread anything.
Do you like yourself? Ah, this is a big one! Self-esteem is an inner feeling about one's self. Do you like your body? Do you feel like you're a great human being? Do you feel you DESERVE happiness? We ALL DESERVE happiness and love. If you can't stand yourself; if you can't even look in the mirror and feel pride; if you've allowed others to walk all over you and think THAT is what you DESERVE, it's definitely time for a "millimeter" change to personal growth and self-awareness.
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