Overcome Personal Challenges with a "Millimeter Approach" -- Weight Loss

The "millimeter approach" applies universally in both business and life. If you think about it, change permeates all aspects of our lives. Fear of change, especially in one's personal life where emotions are involved can be even scarier. Yet with the "millimeter approach" no need to cower in front of what appears to be your Mount Everest of change. As the old saying goes "don't make a mountain out of a mole hill" ... well, I'm going to tell you how to turn that "mountain" into a "mole hill" and then add another "hill" and another "hill" and pretty soon you've conquered the Mount Everest of your personal life.
Let's apply the "millimeter approach" to something many, many Americans grapple with -- being overweight. Let's say you're 50 pounds overweight. Let me ask you this: how long did it take you to add 50 pounds to your frame? Most people don't gain 50 pounds overnight. It took time, right? So why do you think you can lose that same 50 pounds overnight or within a few days or weeks?
Here is how to use the "millimeter" approach to lose weight.
Step 1: Realize you need to lose weight, which is a big but also small step. Denial is a an excellent tool to keep doing anything you're doing that isn't always good for you. So start with accepting your need to do it.
Step 2: Identify a diet plan whether it's Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. Ask your friends what worked for them, too.
Step 3: Design a diet-goal plan with daily, weekly, and monthly goals. A good suggestion is NOT to weigh yourself daily since this can set up feelings of failure. Design a weight-in program based on a weekly goal.
Step 4: Now this is the biggest but SMALLEST challenge: only focus on the daily goals and stay in the moment. Do not step on the scale every five minutes. Concentrate strictly on staying on the diet plan.
Step 5: Leave a margin of error for special occasions.
Step 6: Be kind and love yourself. It's no easy losing weight.
Step 7: Keep going and readjust your goals if necessary.
Just remember what I said, "You didn't gain weight in a day so you're not going to lose it in a day either." Step-by-step to build toward the bigger picture, your slim body, works. Give it a try.