The Best Way to Get a Millimeter Business Plan in Place

Running your business (and life for that matter) using a "millimeter approach" to all that you do requires you to learn how to chunk down aspects of that business and create a plan. Your "millimeter" business plan takes all facets of your business, from marketing to personnel, and breaks it down task-by-task into small chunks to build toward BIG results.

How does that work?

Step 1: The best way is to literally de-construct your business. Identify each area of business and break these areas into "categories". Now take these categories and create sub-heads in your business plan. 

Step 2: Now make sub-categories under each area. For example marketing can be broken down into sub-categories such as direct marketing, education-based marketing, marketing collateral materials (postcards, business cards, promo). 
Step 3: Now break these areas down further into the tasks required to create them. For example, write your newsletter every Thursday to release on Friday or update your business cards once every three weeks (mark a date on the calendar).
Step 4: Now under the idea of a "millimeter" at a time under each category at one weekly, monthly or annual goal you would like to achieve in that area.
Step 5: Next under each weekly, monthly or annual goal, add the tasks or steps required on a weekly, monthly or annual basis to achieve those goals.
Step 6: Now delegate those areas to proper staff or yourself (if you're a solo-preneur).

Step 7: DO NOT look at the monthly tasks or goals as you begin to implement. Keep your focus solely on the daily or weekly tasks/goals. 

Step 8: You may review at the end of the month to see your progress toward your annual goals. 
Step 9: And this is HUGE: Reward yourself each week or each month when you've accomplished those tasks/goals. It doesn't have to be anything more exotic than a simple self-affirmation of "I did X." Revel in the small accomplishments and perhaps even set your sights on a BIG reward when you've achieved monthly or even bi-monthly results.

Once you've walked through steps 1-8 you will have an actual business plan. Remember don't try and do it all in one day, week or month. Build toward the small results toward the BIG wins. It's much less daunting when you keep your eye only on the tasks/goals in a day with the idea that small steps build toward BIG results.