Secrets of Successful Implementation of the “Millimeter Approach”

If you’ve been reading the blog then you know it’s all about “small” – think small, act small, make small changes. Really the theme is “take small steps to create big change.” So small thinking isn’t really the idea. Big thinking and then pairing it down to smaller parts to rebuild to a bigger whole is the basis in which you which implement the “millimeter approach” to business.

What does this mean? It means you need a big vision first. Your big ideas become the launch pad for your smaller steps. So first create your overall vision for your business. What is it? Have you ever thought about your overall business vision? If not, take some time to first brainstorm, what is my overall vision? Once you’ve determined the big picture then it’s time to break it down and then implement it.

Step 1: Create your BIG vision
Step 2: Now de-construct it into smaller parts
Step 3: Take the smaller parts and implement them one at a time

You almost have to think of it like a puzzle. You can’t see the big picture until you put the pieces in place. Well in “millimeter approaches” you can’t create the big picture until you implement the smaller parts. Let’s give you an example.

Step 1: I want to have $1 million dollar annual gross revenue by 2015
Step 2: What steps would I have to take to gross $1 million? Deconstruct it that process like this into sub-steps:

Sub-Step 1: Do X amount of marketing.
Deconstruct that one to another sub-step.
Sub-Step 2: What are the marketing tactics you’ll use?
Break apart the marketing activities into tactics. For example, create a newsletter, do X amount of social media posting, etc.

Step 3: Implementation
Sub-Step 3: Create daily goals around each Sub-Step 2.
Sub-Step 4: Implement the daily goals.

In order to achieve your $1 million vision you need to focus on marketing and sales. The other areas of your business will focus on product or service delivery, quality assurance, customer service, and human resources. While the other areas of business will impact your sales and continued success, it is sales and marketing that directly drive revenue. The other areas are indirect. So in your initial drive to achieve your $1 million goal you will focus on sales and marketing. Once you’ve got those programs underway you will want to focus and deconstruct the other areas of your business the same way.