Small Changes in Customer Service for BIG Profits

Sometimes entrepreneurs are so busy trying to win and close sales, they forget that customer service plays a role in that process, too. Happy clients or customers tell friends. Happy clients or customers come back for repeat business. If you provide responsive, responsible and reliable customer service your referrals and repeat business will generate an excellent present and future revenue stream.

So in alignment with the "millimeter approach" to build customer-service outreach programs, what can you do to start small and create excellent customer service? Don't think big or overwhelm yourself. Some very minor and basic customer service techniques can be quickly, efficiently and easily applied. What are they?

1. Response time. What is your response time? Do you have a policy? Prospective and current customers will always notice if you respond in a timely fashion. Try it. Customers will start commenting. A good policy is to respond within 24 hours to emails, calls or texts.

2. The no-argument rule AKA the customer is always right. Good, bad, indifferent, right or wrong -- the customer should be treated with the utmost respect at all times. You and your team should be informed and instructed to absolutely never argue or fight with a customer, period. Be agreeable, be wrong if necessary, but remember, the customer is right. You will ironically discover that a "validated" customer will quickly and easily calm down.

Those two small changes in behavior and attitude cost you nothing, but payoff big in return and referral business. You don't need to hire a customer service specialist or spend money to institute policies. All you need to do is communicate. These two steps alone will make a tremendous difference in customer experience with your company.