Why Make Millimeter Changes TODAY not Tomorrow to Achieve Goals

Putting off today what you can do tomorrow. Does that sound familiar? Actually there is another word for it called "procrastination." Do you procrastinate? A lot of people do. Truth is, procrastination leads to more procrastination. Why do you think people procrastinate? Probably because the task at-hand seems insurmountable and too much to even think about tackling. Do you feel that way about all those goals you've wanted to reach, but they seem too big, too much to even get your head around? Then when you go to attempt doing what you want to do, it still seems insurmountable. So what do you do? You procrastinate. Maybe you say, "I'll do that tomorrow..." and then tomorrow comes and you say, "I'll do that next week..." and so it goes.
Using my "millimeter approach" to do anything including achieve goals is so simple if you understand to break down goals into smaller goals. When you break down goals into smaller tasks toward the bigger picture, your desire to procrastinate or put it off will be less likely. The idea of doing something "millimeter-sized" today isn't so overwhelming is it? Even if you break the goal into tiniest task your desire to procrastinate will decrease. It won't seem so "Oh my!" Because any goals that elicits a feeling of "Oh my!" eventually gets put aside.
So how do you break goals down. Use the step-by-step approach. Take the task and break it down to the smallest step you can think about. For example, I want to run a marathon. Start first with developing a training program (small step one). Then in writing down the training program, break the training into day-by-day efforts. Focus only on the day-by-day. For example, maybe you're not in shape to run that many miles. So break it down to I will run X miles three days a week. But don't focus on the three days. Focus only on THE day and THE mile. Now begin and don't look too far into the future, and that's the key. Stay present and in the moment -- another small step to move you forward. Always THINK SMALL to reach BIG goals.