“Millimeter” Healing BIG Relationship Problems in Small Ways

Sometimes it’s small steps (AKA millimeter) to repair relationships. If you’ve had a falling out with someone typically it didn’t just happen overnight. Relationships don’t go south in one big swoop (especially marital relationships). The relationship deteriorates one small thing at a time. In marriage it can be the couple “outgrew” each other. Sometimes though to repair relationship damage, the same small steps required to tear it down can be reversed into small steps to build it up.

Any relationship in disrepair can begin anew with one simple, small step forward: outreach. Most relationships suffer from a break in communication. Pick up the phone (use your voice and not text or email) and call the person. Start with something basic. Ask the person to coffee or lunch. Ask the person with nothing more than the intention to restart communication. On the first meeting don’t plan to try and tackle the whole problem at once. Just start simple, “How have you been?” Then do the most important thing you can ever do – listen. Hear what that person has to say, and don’t put judgment on it. Just use your ears and listen with an open heart. Meeting and listening are the simplest, smallest steps you can do to reengage a relationship and get on the path toward healing.