Why Setting Goals is Important to Your Success

Do you set goals? I don't mean New Year's resolutions (don't confuse the two). I mean actual goals. The most successful people typically set goals. Setting and keeping goals is important -- it gives you a target to strive toward. To achieve big goals that might be intimidating, the best approach is to take my "millimeter approach" to achieve all goals (either big or small). 

How do you use that technique? Start with the goal. What is it? Let's walk through the process of how to set any goal to achieve it by using a "millimeter" approach.

Step 1: Define the goal.
Step 2: Break the goal down into action items (daily action items) or "millimeter" steps toward the goal.
Step 3: Write (writing is more powerful to cement the goal in your brain) down an activity on your calendar to help you move daily toward goal achievement. Daily goals are the "millimeter" steps.
Step 4: Make sure you accomplish that daily tasks.
Step 5: Check if off your list.
Step 6: Repeat the next day.

To achieve a goal using the "millimeter approach" makes it less intimidating. Also, daily goal achievement allows you to realize progress toward goal achievement. Each small goal builds toward the bigger goal. Really big goals may take more time, but you'll feel satisfied as long as you know you are taking daily steps. It's like a dot-to-dot: you can't see the big picture till you connect the dots. Each goal helps create that big picture achievement. Also, each daily goal achieved keeps you persisting. Persistence is the key to most success. So create, work toward, and persist on your goals to succeed.