How to Implement Millimeter Changes in Business - Marketing

If you've read my book It's All About the Millimeters then you know that the "millimeter approach" is about small changes to achieve big results. In business any change can be done if you take it a "millimeter" step at a time. The good news: your team will be less intimidated by change (people often fear change instead of embracing it). How can you apply the "millimeter approach" to business? Let's first start with an integral part of any business -- marketing. We will take the next few blogs to walk you through the creation and implementation of a first-class marketing campaign designed to increase visibility for your business and generate opportunities and sales.
Let's begin with the premise that you don't have a marketing plan or your marketing isn't working and you need a new plan. How can you use the "millimeter approach" to implement a new marketing program? Start small, which is always the first step. 
Step 1: Hire or contract with a marketing professional.
Are you drawing a blank? Don't know of any marketing agencies or professionals?
Step 2: Ask your fellow business owners for recommendations. Look for three qualified professionals to meet with and discuss your needs. (Hint: break this down into small steps. So make it a goal to call one person a day until you find three people.)
Step 3: Meet with each person. Here is a big tip: Let that person tell YOU what he or she can do to effectively market your business.
Step 4: Hire the qualified professional.
Step 5: Your new marketing pro's first task should be to write a 12-month marketing plan. Meet with him or her and describe your overall goals for your business. Let this person use their expertise to define strategies, objectives and tactics. Keywords: strategies and tactics. You will want to hear those words used. If you don't hear those words, you may have hired the wrong candidate.
Step 6: Give the professional a deadline to see a first draft.
Step 7: Review, approve and implement based on tactics.
Hint: your marketing plan should feature a month-by-month timeline to roll out tactics. This timeline is your "millimeter approach" to executing the marketing plan. Ask for one to be included in your marketing plan.