How Do You Know When It's Millimeter Time?

Change is tricky. Sometimes you're on the right path. Sometimes the path is getting rocky. How do you know when the right time to make change is necessary? The answer is simple. Are you getting the results you want in business or life? If your results bring you professional and personal satisfaction and at the very least contentment, all is probably fine. If the results you're getting make you feel unsettled and full of angst then change might be necessary. Life isn't all about happiness. We can't be happy all of the time. Contentment though is a very good goal. Here are some good measurements to realize whether or not change might do you some good:
  • Do you meet the day excited or at least pleased to begin anew?
  • Do you look forward to your "what's next" steps?
  • Do you review your business or life and feel remarkable satisfied with your perceptions?
  • Are all facets of your life running pretty smoothly?
  • Do you feel reasonably certain you'll make your goals?
​If you answered "no" to even one of those questions then it's time to implement the "millimeter approach" an​
​d start to move in the direction of total satisfaction. ​