Tips to Make and Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

How many of your New Year's Resolutions have you kept? Maybe you can't keep your resolutions because you've made them too big or lofty, and they seem out of reach. Using my "millimeter" approach to change, your resolutions are not only achievable but easily done.
Tip #1: Make daily resolutions -- what does that mean? You do things on a daily basis to achieve your annual goal. You don't make, say, a resolution to lose 50 pounds and then try and lose 50 pounds in a week or even a month. You do one thing a day to help you achieve your overall resolution. Maybe that one thing is to stop eating dessert with every meal. Maybe that one thing is to cut one portion at every meal in half. Start with the small goals to achieve the big changes. (Hint: daily scale watching will not make your goal come any faster. Be patient and make small resolutions to step on the scale weekly or even monthly). Also, weight loss should be about getting healthy and feeling better so focus on what you're eating and how much you're eating.
Tip #2: Persist -- even if you're persisting in the small goals and doing them daily at least you're staying the course. Persistence is the overall key to just about any success. Most things with enough time and pressure (think about Andy's escape hole in Shawshank Redemption) just take consistent work even if it's a small hole dug each day. Giving up is what leads to failure not continuing to try.
Tip #3: Believe you can do it -- some things whether big or small all start in a person's belief in themselves. Daily reinforcement and doing small things each day reinforce our abilities to do something -- anything. And in just the very effort of "doing" is making it "become" what you want. So believe you can do it and if you have to look in the mirror and say it every day, "I can do it!" then do so. Self-empowerment starts with you being your very own fan and supporter.