It's Never too Late to Change

The old adage "you can't teach a dog new tricks" just isn't true -- especially when you use my "millimeter" approach to anything. Small changes are possible for anyone of any age. The only thing you really have to shift is your perspective and attitude not the possibility of it. Small, daily changes don't require a whole new way of doing everything or even thinking about something. Millimeter changes don't challenge your comfort zone -- to much ... just a little bit. The reason some dogs don't like new tricks is because of that aforementioned challenge to one's comfort. But when you do very minor shifts on a daily basis it's a "little less" uncomfortable. Even if that change, for example, is for a technophobe to just start by turning on the Smart Phone. Then the next day, trying just one thing (like texting) on the Smart Phone. Do that for a week or two, and then do something like try to go on the Internet. You see, if it's a small effort it's not so daunting, is it? Even for a technophobe.